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A “killer” time at a Murder Mystery event..

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

The challenge was before us... We needed to make the OBBC into a 20's / 30's feeling "Speakeasy" for a local fundraiser at the East Valley Water District, a great venue with a beautiful view and sunset. We took a combo of items, old a new, that we gathered from our houses and family including an antique lamp, clock, small purses and artwork. A true vintage frame flanked our bar menu! We added some whimsical elements like crystal and gold fringe to adorn the window opposite the bar (one of our favorite vignettes :) to catch the beautiful sunlight. The easel had a copy of an article shouting "Prohibition Has Ended!" We reworked the scalloped sign by the tap tower to welcome flappers and gangsters to our cute little Speakeasy. As people walked in, we heard lots of "oohs and ahs," and Blossom fit in very well with the organization's decor and attire. The photo booth had vivid paper flowers, a full black and gold boa and a black and gold retro "Cheers" sign that was the perfect backdrop for the fun crowd. The bar had a steady line and big smiles all evening. It was a fun Murder Mystery dinner and 30's music suitably filled the air as the sun set beautifully over the east valley!

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