So how does this all work?

    We will deliver the cart to your location as is or we can customize many elements to match your decor, branding etc.  We can even make a magnetic sign to cover ours and boast your logo, photograph or celebration and customize the photo booth if you like.  An outdoor rug, peacock chair, or bar tables added could create a cool "patio" feel!  We can help you with your drink selections, calculations,  ice delivery, and more.  If you are more than 50' away from power, we can rent you a quiet portable generator to use.  The front can be used for multiple things -selfie backdrop photos, storage, dressing room or a coffee and tea booth.  Though we partner with AMAZING professional and certified bartending companies and help coordinate your shopping and supplies, Orange Blossom Bar Cart & Events is not liable for issues that may arise from drinking or the serving of alcohol.  Our friendly and certified bartenders are just as committed as we are to ensuring you have a great and safe time!  All we need from you is generally fairly level ground and if we go in back, 8' clearance tall and wide.  Our serving bar when towed faces left, but we have windows on the opposite side as well.  We also have a pivot wheel that helps with turns after detach on hard surfaces.  If you are unsure we will fit in your space, send us photos to (909) 725-5053 or Tell us your vision and let us make you look good! #pinterestdreams!! : )

WE HAVE HAD A LOT OF INTEREST IN LAWN GAMES - Our 5 lawn games can now be rented independent of the trailer. 

We ask for $300 and give you back $175 upon return



   *Industrial insulated recessed ice basin, prep counters, shelving and a beautiful custom walnut window and bar.  

   * A table behind bar with large cooler for reach from within trailer

   * Power plugs / lighting / shabby chic mini chandelier

   * Phone mount, focal wall and props for selfie booth