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How big is the trailer? - It's about 7'5 tall ground to top, 6 feet wide and 14' long to the end of the tongue

Do you have a liquor license? - No. It is not required in serving and we cannot SELL alcohol. Think of us as a service company :) Orange Blossom Bar Cart & Events can assist with planning, purchase and pick up if needed. Our bartenders from Mia's Martini are friendly, professional, and are all also well versed on how and when to limit someone if the need comes up

Do you actually decorate the party? We absolutely can and would love to.  Let's discuss! If preferred, we can also arrange delivery as well

Can I use my own bartender? If "just the cart" is selected, sorry- there will be no servers allowed in the interior.  Please see add ons if you are interested from our options and add ons section :) You CAN use the selfie station and bar.  We have regular bartending partners, but you can use yor own PROVIDED they have at least 1 million in liquor liability insurance and can add us to the policy during your event.

What are your backgrounds / experience?  Kathleen and Shelley share similar backgrounds in that they are artistic, have managerial, business, and customer centric backgrounds.
Both are also very creative and perhaps their biggest trait (or trade) lies in helping to create memories, creating the perfect overall "vibe" for a party is their passion.  
Giving back to the community and networking to support local businesses is a priority for both owners. They are also friends and neighbors and collaborate daily

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